MTN Hardcore 400ml


It was the month of June in 1994 that the ‘Classic’ model saw the light of day and made the Montana Colors’ dream come true. 200 black cans were introduced into one of the first graffiti jams in Barcelona city, ‘Aerosol Art’. From there, they circulated amongst the writer’s hands who, comparing it to the paint that to that date they had been forced to use, were over the moon.

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4.40  2.65 

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SKU Color PriceQuantity
RV-18 Oxido Rojo #700B0B 4.40  2.65 
R-5024 Azul Venecia #4CA1EB 4.40  2.65 
R-1028 Amarillo Medio #EB9603 4.40  2.65 
078 irwin #FAE7C4 4.40  2.65